Sunday, July 20, 2014


One thing I've noticed about my stories is the fact that some of the ones I believe are the best end up not getting as much credit as I would like - there's plenty of reasons for this, I'm sure, but it bothers me. Here are the stories I've written that I want more people to read because I have a good bit of narcissism in me.
Oh, yes. First off, we have the story I consider to be my masterpiece - The Child's Mistakes. While yes, it is a sequel to another story (and is soon to be second in a trilogy, whoop!), I believe it can stand alone very well. It's the Doctor Who fanfiction I am most proud of. Why is it my masterpiece? Well, I think it features some of my best writing in general, description wise and just in the general flow. The plot is something I toiled over for a long time (I've only ever put more thought into the Willolly timeline I'm working on) and weaves into the show and other things. Also, the idea of things being discovered backwards is probably one of the most interesting things I've ever done.
It's no secret that I love Phantom of the Opera, and I thought a lot of other people did as well. I ended up making a modern day Phantom of the Opera fanfiction by the name of In The Wings. I'd been wanting to do it for quite a while, and the project ended up being one of my biggest and most ambitious. Despite getting a lot of good reception in the early times, I ended up finding that I had little to no readers for the vast majority of the story! Perhaps it was just too long...but honestly, I poured everything into this story. There's a lot of moments I'm very proud of, and I also enjoy the fact I was able to add my own twists to this story.
I'm honestly surprised this story got as many reads and votes and comments as it did, being half about Hannibal. While there certainly are Fannibals on Wattpad, I thought that there weren't enough to support this story. The Sherlockians did come through, however. Still, I wish more people could've read this - there is some of my best character and dialogue in this book. There are actually zero OCs involved in this story, which I believe is the first time has ever happened in one of my fanfictions. Not sure about that, though. Honestly, this doesn't play out like an episode of Sherlock nor Hannibal. It's all about the characters and very little about the crime. But Sherlock and Hannibal have the best characters. And are also the best shows. And this is also where the Willolly timeline began. Yikes. \
Back when I was first developing this story, people were all over it! I thought I already had a dedicated fanbase but was somewhat disappointed to find out that very few people were reading the story. As my first original, I'd dedicated countless hours to creating everything about this story. I thoroughly ended up falling for the plot I'd made and the major twist that came along (Chapter Twelve, if you're wondering)and loved writing about Alia and Ronnie along with everyone else. I just want to have more people reading it - I may or may not have canon ship names for some of the characters that I'd love to share should anyone ship a thing.
Nightmare Fuel and Terrible Fate - I shouldn't be surprised that they aren't popular, due to the fact they've only been out during this month. But still, I crave more attention for those two little stories more than I'd like to admit. The plot of these stories is one of my favorite ones I've ever concocted - while yes, a lot of it is heavily inspired by Jadusable's BEN Drowned creepypasta, what I've made on my own has made me oh-so-happy. And the feedback I have gotten on the story thus far has been incredible. Combine that with my attempts at utulizing more foreshadowing, characterization, and a different story format that mainly takes place over the period of three days and you've got something that I'm perfectly sure will be one (or rather, two) of the best things I've ever written. So there you go. If you haven't read these stories of mine yet, I highly suggest you do. Yep. - Rain

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Abort Mission!

Oh look, it's another one of those blog posts with lots of reaction gifs and not very much coherent speech. Today, my emotions and thoughts and other general things will be portrayed by Louise Brealey. I've got such an enormous squish on both her and Molly (although I've spent a lot more time thinking about the latter as I write about her) that I just can't help it.

First off, I'm right in the middle of Camp NaNoWriMo. Okay, not right in the middle as we're only five days in, but I've already gotten a significant portion done and it's just all going to fly by. I'm glad to be ahead at the moment, because chances are it's not going end up lasting. (This is a lie - I'm just going to get lazy one day and then panic when I have to catch up on it later.)

*me turning to face the writing I'm behind on w/o the smile*
But of course, everything is going to get a lot more complicated when it comes to a little thing called musical theatre camp and Pippin. I've worked my butt off in order to make sure all of my writing is set up for this month, and thank goodness for it. Now I can spend more time worrying about callbacks and then later on learning songs and dances and maybe even

There's also a little thing called my plans for New York are a bit tangled when they shouldn't be - turns out Ramin Karimloo is going to be out of town when we're going to see Les Miserables on Broadway. I'm pumped to see the show on a Broadway stage and all, but really. I was going to hear the voice I married live. And now I'm not.

Now. As for the title of this post, I have to regretfully share something with you...I'm giving up on Project Arendelle. It's an amazing idea, and I'm not going to toss out all of the things I've worked on so far, but an Elsa costume is just too time and money consuming. With the year I've got coming up for me, doing something like that would just end up causing more trouble than good.

But I have tentatively joined a cosplay group where we're going to make a dragon together. Sort of. It's hard to explain and is just in sketch stages at the moment, but I think it's going to be wonderful if we can pull it off - and I have confidence we can!

You know, if I was writing down my Willolly plotline, I would have the equivalent of a novel down within a week - easily. I've got their entire lives planned out, including how you take a mouse in the morgue and turn her into someone who shoots a serial killer five times in the face. Er, yes. And that is what I like to call connecting canons in a very non-canon way. 

I could write down the evolution of Molly right here for all of you to see, but judging by how few of you are Fannibals and how fewer of you have read Red Dragon, it would likely not make a lick of sense. But, then again, I think I'll be more successful in building a Willolly army then going through with Project Arendelle. 

That is the face of a dragon slayer.
Right now I've got Grease pumping in my ears, and somehow I feel like I'm never going to fall asleep because of it. I have this lovely habit of being perfectly unable of staying outside of my room past 9 PM but if I'm on my bed and on my laptop I can easily go for hours and hours on end. It's stupid, really. 

And to think, I could be using my time doing something far more productive than making musical theatre mixes on 8tracks and looking at gifs of Louise Brealey.

On the other hand, that doesn't actually sound too bad. 

Don't let me listen to musicals past 10 PM, otherwise you're in trouble.

Ahem. Anyways, I just had a moment where I started to analyze Molly again. Bad idea. I don't want to do that. Yet. 

In terms of my plan to make myself healthier, everything has been turning out very well! I jogged for 1.5 hours today and burned 750 calories (thank you, Hannibal - even though I was crying I still managed to make it through it all). Unfortunately, though, the scale I use has gone mysteriously missing and I don't have the faintest clue how to find it. 

Speaking of the stunning Loo Brealey (I wasn't talking about her, but whatever), I tried to find Delicious on iTunes but it didn't show up. Bit of a shame, considering that I would've gladly shelled over a portion of my fifty dollars on there in order to watch that adorable looking film!

Reminds me of something out of the Fullerverse. But that might just be because I finished Wonderfalls, am rewatching Hannibal, and have been putting a lot of thought into a potential Pushing Daisies musical.

I might've just started shipping something new in Sherlock about three seconds ago. But I'm going to leave you in absolute agony and not tell you what it was.

Anyways, I feel the need to fill you in on a few things that have been happening over on Fanlandia Island on Tomodachi Life - because there's some good things in there!

First of all, Molly and my Mii are now best friends! We had a fight on there so I was worried...but apparently we worked it out, and then some.

The romance is all out of whack - while I like Dean and the TARDIS together (they're adorable, okay?), some of the other pairings were me trying to avoid making the Miis upset. Just listen to what they are for a second. Ned the Pie Maker and Molly. Yeah, cute, but not the OTP I was trying ever so hard to force upon the island. And then...Charlotte Charles and Hannibal Lecter. Funny how the not-dead girl and the serial killer end up together.


Now. The other sets of best friends...Dean and Castiel, and Will and Hannibal. I don't know how the game just knew...but it did. And I'm more than fine with it. It helped me to make a Hannigram song at one point, with River and I as backup singers. 

If this game doesn't sound insane to you by now...

So there you go. A bunch of things you never wanted to know about my life. Have fun with that.

- Rain