Sunday, July 20, 2014


One thing I've noticed about my stories is the fact that some of the ones I believe are the best end up not getting as much credit as I would like - there's plenty of reasons for this, I'm sure, but it bothers me. Here are the stories I've written that I want more people to read because I have a good bit of narcissism in me.
Oh, yes. First off, we have the story I consider to be my masterpiece - The Child's Mistakes. While yes, it is a sequel to another story (and is soon to be second in a trilogy, whoop!), I believe it can stand alone very well. It's the Doctor Who fanfiction I am most proud of. Why is it my masterpiece? Well, I think it features some of my best writing in general, description wise and just in the general flow. The plot is something I toiled over for a long time (I've only ever put more thought into the Willolly timeline I'm working on) and weaves into the show and other things. Also, the idea of things being discovered backwards is probably one of the most interesting things I've ever done.
It's no secret that I love Phantom of the Opera, and I thought a lot of other people did as well. I ended up making a modern day Phantom of the Opera fanfiction by the name of In The Wings. I'd been wanting to do it for quite a while, and the project ended up being one of my biggest and most ambitious. Despite getting a lot of good reception in the early times, I ended up finding that I had little to no readers for the vast majority of the story! Perhaps it was just too long...but honestly, I poured everything into this story. There's a lot of moments I'm very proud of, and I also enjoy the fact I was able to add my own twists to this story.
I'm honestly surprised this story got as many reads and votes and comments as it did, being half about Hannibal. While there certainly are Fannibals on Wattpad, I thought that there weren't enough to support this story. The Sherlockians did come through, however. Still, I wish more people could've read this - there is some of my best character and dialogue in this book. There are actually zero OCs involved in this story, which I believe is the first time has ever happened in one of my fanfictions. Not sure about that, though. Honestly, this doesn't play out like an episode of Sherlock nor Hannibal. It's all about the characters and very little about the crime. But Sherlock and Hannibal have the best characters. And are also the best shows. And this is also where the Willolly timeline began. Yikes. \
Back when I was first developing this story, people were all over it! I thought I already had a dedicated fanbase but was somewhat disappointed to find out that very few people were reading the story. As my first original, I'd dedicated countless hours to creating everything about this story. I thoroughly ended up falling for the plot I'd made and the major twist that came along (Chapter Twelve, if you're wondering)and loved writing about Alia and Ronnie along with everyone else. I just want to have more people reading it - I may or may not have canon ship names for some of the characters that I'd love to share should anyone ship a thing.
Nightmare Fuel and Terrible Fate - I shouldn't be surprised that they aren't popular, due to the fact they've only been out during this month. But still, I crave more attention for those two little stories more than I'd like to admit. The plot of these stories is one of my favorite ones I've ever concocted - while yes, a lot of it is heavily inspired by Jadusable's BEN Drowned creepypasta, what I've made on my own has made me oh-so-happy. And the feedback I have gotten on the story thus far has been incredible. Combine that with my attempts at utulizing more foreshadowing, characterization, and a different story format that mainly takes place over the period of three days and you've got something that I'm perfectly sure will be one (or rather, two) of the best things I've ever written. So there you go. If you haven't read these stories of mine yet, I highly suggest you do. Yep. - Rain

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Abort Mission!

Oh look, it's another one of those blog posts with lots of reaction gifs and not very much coherent speech. Today, my emotions and thoughts and other general things will be portrayed by Louise Brealey. I've got such an enormous squish on both her and Molly (although I've spent a lot more time thinking about the latter as I write about her) that I just can't help it.

First off, I'm right in the middle of Camp NaNoWriMo. Okay, not right in the middle as we're only five days in, but I've already gotten a significant portion done and it's just all going to fly by. I'm glad to be ahead at the moment, because chances are it's not going end up lasting. (This is a lie - I'm just going to get lazy one day and then panic when I have to catch up on it later.)

*me turning to face the writing I'm behind on w/o the smile*
But of course, everything is going to get a lot more complicated when it comes to a little thing called musical theatre camp and Pippin. I've worked my butt off in order to make sure all of my writing is set up for this month, and thank goodness for it. Now I can spend more time worrying about callbacks and then later on learning songs and dances and maybe even

There's also a little thing called my plans for New York are a bit tangled when they shouldn't be - turns out Ramin Karimloo is going to be out of town when we're going to see Les Miserables on Broadway. I'm pumped to see the show on a Broadway stage and all, but really. I was going to hear the voice I married live. And now I'm not.

Now. As for the title of this post, I have to regretfully share something with you...I'm giving up on Project Arendelle. It's an amazing idea, and I'm not going to toss out all of the things I've worked on so far, but an Elsa costume is just too time and money consuming. With the year I've got coming up for me, doing something like that would just end up causing more trouble than good.

But I have tentatively joined a cosplay group where we're going to make a dragon together. Sort of. It's hard to explain and is just in sketch stages at the moment, but I think it's going to be wonderful if we can pull it off - and I have confidence we can!

You know, if I was writing down my Willolly plotline, I would have the equivalent of a novel down within a week - easily. I've got their entire lives planned out, including how you take a mouse in the morgue and turn her into someone who shoots a serial killer five times in the face. Er, yes. And that is what I like to call connecting canons in a very non-canon way. 

I could write down the evolution of Molly right here for all of you to see, but judging by how few of you are Fannibals and how fewer of you have read Red Dragon, it would likely not make a lick of sense. But, then again, I think I'll be more successful in building a Willolly army then going through with Project Arendelle. 

That is the face of a dragon slayer.
Right now I've got Grease pumping in my ears, and somehow I feel like I'm never going to fall asleep because of it. I have this lovely habit of being perfectly unable of staying outside of my room past 9 PM but if I'm on my bed and on my laptop I can easily go for hours and hours on end. It's stupid, really. 

And to think, I could be using my time doing something far more productive than making musical theatre mixes on 8tracks and looking at gifs of Louise Brealey.

On the other hand, that doesn't actually sound too bad. 

Don't let me listen to musicals past 10 PM, otherwise you're in trouble.

Ahem. Anyways, I just had a moment where I started to analyze Molly again. Bad idea. I don't want to do that. Yet. 

In terms of my plan to make myself healthier, everything has been turning out very well! I jogged for 1.5 hours today and burned 750 calories (thank you, Hannibal - even though I was crying I still managed to make it through it all). Unfortunately, though, the scale I use has gone mysteriously missing and I don't have the faintest clue how to find it. 

Speaking of the stunning Loo Brealey (I wasn't talking about her, but whatever), I tried to find Delicious on iTunes but it didn't show up. Bit of a shame, considering that I would've gladly shelled over a portion of my fifty dollars on there in order to watch that adorable looking film!

Reminds me of something out of the Fullerverse. But that might just be because I finished Wonderfalls, am rewatching Hannibal, and have been putting a lot of thought into a potential Pushing Daisies musical.

I might've just started shipping something new in Sherlock about three seconds ago. But I'm going to leave you in absolute agony and not tell you what it was.

Anyways, I feel the need to fill you in on a few things that have been happening over on Fanlandia Island on Tomodachi Life - because there's some good things in there!

First of all, Molly and my Mii are now best friends! We had a fight on there so I was worried...but apparently we worked it out, and then some.

The romance is all out of whack - while I like Dean and the TARDIS together (they're adorable, okay?), some of the other pairings were me trying to avoid making the Miis upset. Just listen to what they are for a second. Ned the Pie Maker and Molly. Yeah, cute, but not the OTP I was trying ever so hard to force upon the island. And then...Charlotte Charles and Hannibal Lecter. Funny how the not-dead girl and the serial killer end up together.


Now. The other sets of best friends...Dean and Castiel, and Will and Hannibal. I don't know how the game just knew...but it did. And I'm more than fine with it. It helped me to make a Hannigram song at one point, with River and I as backup singers. 

If this game doesn't sound insane to you by now...

So there you go. A bunch of things you never wanted to know about my life. Have fun with that.

- Rain

Monday, June 30, 2014

Fanlandia Island

Ever heard of a game called Tomodachi Life?

Well, if you haven't, I think the following video is a good place to start...(warning: there is some language and sexual references, but it's all very comedic, trust me!)

Anyways, you can put all sorts of people on your island (mine is known as Fanlandia Island) and have them interact. I chose to use a whole bunch of fictional aside from my sister and I, here are the people on the island:

  • Dean Winchester
  • Sam Winchester
  • Castiel
  • Luna Lovegood
  • River Song
  • The TARDIS
  • Molly Hooper
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • John Watson
  • Will Graham
  • Hannibal Lecter 
  • Olive Snook
  • Ned the Pie Maker
  • Chuck Charles
Not even a day in, and some interesting things have are a few of my favorites.

Cas and Dean have already become good friends!

Hannibal and Will are friends, and then River joined into their circle. In other words, they're a bunch of psychopaths. Sort of.

My sister and I have bonded with Molly, and I've also started a strong friendship with John. So that happened.


Sam didn't like salad. I died a little inside.

I may or may not have rigged the system a bit so that Will and Molly are rather compatible...

Ned and Chuck work at the same place! But they haven't met. Yet.

And I'll give you plenty more updates as things happen...

- Rain

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

No Context is the Best Context: Romance Edition

I always say no context is the best context - and that applies to a lot of things. So I decided to compile a bunch of things I've written over the past while and compile them together in a way that takes away the majority of the context. None of these have been posted...yet. All names and pronouns have been made gender neutral. There are always two lovers in each one, due to this being romance, and they will be known as Alex and Jordan. If there is a third character, then they'd be called Sydney.

I want to see if any of you can guess what some of these are from - or perhaps you might end up reading them in the near to distant future, but with context. But where's the fun in that?

"You sure have a funny way of expressing it, then," I replied.
"Come on. Alex, I was just saying."
"Yeah, yeah, it doesn't matter now." I checked my watch, frowning at the numbers. "Three minutes."
"Alex," Jordan began. "I want to make sure I've done this before we head in there, because I won't be able to stand it if we don't make it out."
Before I could even blink, I felt Jordan leap over to me and press xir lips up against mine.

 Xe looked up and met my eyes. I could see a glitter in xirs more unique than a fingerprint.

"Anyways, I thought you wanted to see Alex. I'm sure we'll be able to find xir within about ten minutes, especially if we put our minds to it." Jordan could do nothing but close xir eyes for a moment. If Sydney was correct, the moment xe had been desperate to have for years upon years of xir life was coming to xir soon.

They'd taken a chance by getting together to begin with - but it just seemed to make sense during the summer. Perhaps it was just the heat and humidity going straight to their heads, or perhaps it was something more. Jordan, in most ways, convinced xirself that the latter was the case. Xe'd never gotten any sort of confirmation of love from Alex, but xe could feel it.

"God, I really must be a narcissist."
"And why do you think that?" xe asked.
"People always said I was a narcissist, and I looked it up to see it meant being in love with yourself. But I hated myself for so long. But xir...xe's like me, but better. And..."
"I see."

You shouldn't look that attractive under the flourescent lights of hospitals. You just shouldn't. But someone xe managed to pull it off, and then some.

"I don't understand," Jordan replied, shaking xir head beneath Alex's hands. "If you wanted, you could have had so many people and gotten married to them. It would've been so easy for you."
"Love has never been easy for me, Jordan."
"Now you're the one who's missing the point," Jordan sighed. "You could've easily kissed me and left the moment you found out what I was like. You had so much time to break it all off, but you didn't."
"Let me see if I can explain it to you," Alex said. "Tell me about how you fell in love with me - the moment that it happened, if you can. It's a lot to ask for, I know."

"You're like a mutation, that one mutation that helps a creature and allows it to survive better. You're the mutation that causes evolution. You're not bad. You're just different."
"I know, I know," xe continued. "I've been studying for AP Bio recently, it's been on my mind. But the fact of the matter is, I love you. I love Sydney as well. I couldn't tell you which one I love more, or which one I've loved longer."

Let me know what you think...!

- Rain

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ranting Time...?

So, if you know me decently well, you'll be aware of my love affair with NBC Hannibal. You could call it my guilty pleasure. Sometimes it causes me to make subtle cannibal jokes.

Most of the time the fandom (known as Fannibals!) are some of the most lovely and polite people I've ever seen throughout the world of all fandoms. I see so much love for the show and its people, and it makes me feel ever so happy. They have a good healthy respect for the showrunner, Bryan Fuller, too.

Until, of course, they get pissed off.

Especially when they get pissed off about something really dumb.

Now, another little factoid about me - I'm a feminist. Once upon a time after that one person went and killed several women because he couldn't get a date, I literally started screaming and crying in the middle of the cafeteria as I ranted about it. I was horrified. Absolutely horrified. I'm very passionate about it, and also red lipstick. Sorry.

And then, I'm also an avid supporter of proper treatment of ALL genders and ALL sexualities. I could go so in depth with that, but I think I'll keep that for another rant.

You're probably wondering what this all has to do with one another, right?

Well, well, well, here we go. I'm going to explain to you a plot device in Hannibal that has a good portion of the Fannibals still fuming. It has to do with misogny and showrunners, something that has plagued me for an awfully long time now.

In order to prevent spoilers should any of you watch the show, I'll be using different names for all of the chracters. But you'll probably be able to figure it out. Yep. Yep.

Once upon a time, a new character was introduced on the show! Alice was a character who was in one of the books, but you wouldn't have recognized it. In the books, she had a very masculine look and had taken many steroids - and she was also a lesbian. But now, in the show, she was tiny and feminine and had sparkly eyes and such. Everyone was surprised, and also confused. Where was the lesbian we were promised?

Bryan Fuller (who I may mention, is a gay man) assured us that Alice was indeed part of the LGBT community, and the unrest was settled for a little while. We wondered how her story would end up unfolding...

Soon, another character from the books was introduced - Andrew, Alice's brother, who was also the heir to a great fortune. Also, a sadist. Also, someone who has absolutely no feeling for how he hurts anyone. Also, someone who laughs at pain and makes martinis from tears.

Needless to say, Alice needs to get rid of Andrew. He's absolutely horrible, yeah? But she also needs to do something in order to gain the upper hand. So what she ends up doing is something kind of insane...

She goes to one of the main (male) characters and gets herself pregnant so that she will have an heir.

And then...

Then the Fannibals went insane.

Alice is supposed to be a lesbian! Alice shouldn't be having sex with a man! Alice should never be doing something like that! This is so misogynistic, ask a real lesbian if they'd do that, etc. etc. etc.

Yes, they have good points, but I can guarantee that they didn't do one thing.

Oh, yes.

Let me tell you about Alice in the books again. As you may remember, she's taken steroids. But she's also gotten herself a partner. In other words, she is physically incapable of having a child. But she still wants to have an heir, just like in the show. So what she needs to do is get genetic material from Andrew so that she could have her partner have a child who could still be a genetic heir.

She would've done it herself, had she not been physically incapable to.

Then, let's go back to the show now that's cleared up. Basically, she needs to keep her pregnancy a secret from Andrew. He would've stopped her no matter what - so basically, getting sperm from a sperm bank wouldn't have worked. He would've found out. And then, of course, he would've stopped Alice.

Alice needed to do it more secretively. And that would require sleeping with a man. So she went to someone she trusted.

In case you're wondering, Andrew does find up. And he makes it so that Alice can never have children again. Basically, I was sobbing my eyes out. Yep.

Do you see? Do you see now?

Do you understand why I'm irritated with the fandom?

Yes, it was not ideal. It was not ideal at all. But, you know what? I have this feeling Alice is going to get a partner in season three. And I have a feeling it's going to end up going along with the events of the books to a certain degree.

Or maybe I'm just being silly.

Either way, this was one hell of a rant.

- Rain

Friday, May 16, 2014

A Resolution, 5.5 Months Late

Funny how you can easily forget the things that set you off running in the first place. And then, in one enormous moment, it all comes flying back to you and you remember just what you had as your start. I must say that I know this well, almost too well, after everything that's happened today.

Now, let me give you some background - I'm writing approximately 28,000 words a week. That's over half of a NaNoWriMo novel, and that's in a singular week. This is all because I'm writing new chapters plus 750 Words plus Penzu entries plus other novels that haven't been posted yet...I'm writing a ton. I average about 4,000 words a day with this.

Let me tell you - I've figured out the approximate speed of my writing. I can write about 750 words in 15 minutes if I'm focused. We can do just a bit of math to figure out that it takes me five minutes to write 250 words, or one minute to write fifty words. If we apply this to the 4,000 words, then we can figure it out fairly simply. It would total up to be about eighty minutes, if I just wrote straight on.

Now, eighty minutes doesn't seem like too long of a time. It's approximately how long an episode of Sherlock is, after all. I could just switch on some Cumberbatch and Freeman and write away...right? Well, no. I get distracted far too easily for all of that. It ends up taking me hours to finish my writing.

I spend all of my free time (when I'm not getting distracted) working on writing. I literally only have one core class this semester, which means very little homework, and I'm still finding myself so busy because of all of this writing I feel like I have to do!

The thing is, I think I'm obsessed with writing.

I'm so obsessed with making novels that I've nearly forgotten where it all began.

Novels. I read novels. I am a reader. Or, at least, I was a reader. Once I got into high school and got into the groove of weekly updates on Wattpad, my reading has decreased dramatically. Surely some of you must know how bad I am at reading your stories - and you're not the only ones. I mean, the author of Nature and Nurture (Sherlock fanfiction featuring a clone baby - it's excellent and probably one of my favorite fanfics out there) only updates about once or twice a month, and I'm still behind.

I've lamented over the fact that I've seemed to have lost touch with reading, but I never seemed to act on it. Frankly, I just felt too anxious that I'd get behind on my writing and that everything would end up falling apart. I still feel that way at this very moment.

But just a few days ago, I was cleaning my room. Part of that requires me to clean up my books, of course. As I was shuffling them around, I realized just how badly I wanted to read those stories once again - and also read those I hadn't experienced yet. I've been reading here and there on my Kindle, but it wasn't until that moment that I just wanted to sit down and read.

Then I ended up forgetting about it...that is, until today.

I picked up a book called Every Day by David Levithan. The premise had sounded interesting when I bought it in the bookstore months ago. It had been stuck in my room, waiting to be read, but it wasn't until I was assigned an independent reading project in English that I found my opportunity to do so.

Then today, during lunch, I decided to get ahead on the reading for the project, if only by a little bit. Within those twenty minutes, I had ended up going about forty pages. It's not too much, but it was still significantly past how much I had to read today.

When it came to English class, we ended up down in the library for the last few minutes of class. I ended up passing one hundred pages. I was still thirsty for more. And I couldn't possibly surpress that...or could I?

So I thought about for a few minutes. Then I realized that I just needed to get back into reading. Every Day will have to wait for school nights for me to read it, but I'm sure I'll just end up tearing straight through it.

I decided that, at least for today, I was going to push writing aside. It was no longer my main priority. I plan to read today. I plan to read, at least a little, every single day. And if I can, I want to be able to read through a book a week for the rest of this year...or possibly the rest of my life.

That's my resolution, even if it is five and a half months after New Year's.

- Rain

Saturday, May 3, 2014


I feel enlightened.

I don't know what's been happening as of late, but as a whole I feel a whole lot better about myself as a person in general. I've felt so much happier, and it's almost insane.

I guess it all sort of started with a number.


Doesn't look like much, does it?

Well, I might as well just come clean.

I'm a 1.38 on the Kinsey Scale.

Yes, indeed, I am not exclusively heterosexual. I just mostly find myself attracted to males. But sometimes...sometimes I find myself attracted to females. Granted, it's not often. But I feel very comfortable with where the Kinsey Scale places me. 

You see, I had been questioning my sexuality for a while - it was those little thoughts that bugged me. I always tried to reaffirm I was straight, until one day I decided that I'd be better off if I considered myself bisexual.

Well, let's just say I stumbled upon the Kinsey Scale and some other test things and I decided to take them. Lo and behold, I was not bisexual - that would be a three on a Kinsey Scale. No, after doing several tests I found that my spot lay between one and two: 1.38.

Now that I feel comfortable with my sexuality, I can move on to feeling comfortable about other parts of me. I'm sort of part of the LGBTQAAI+ community now, and that is kind of wonderful in of itself. When I participated in the Day of Silence, it really got me to start thinking. It was amazing to see so many people in my school trying to help bring awareness to the issue of bullying and discrimination.

Then in English class, my group decided to do a project on gay rights. Let me just show you the infographic we made:

It feels incredible to be a part of something bigger than myself, and the fact is that I feel very comfortable within it.

Which leads me to my next point.

Now that I feel comfortable with myself on the inside, I need to make sure that my outside can match. I've struggled with body image and self esteem for years, along with weight. I've never been extremely overweight, but I've definitely ventured into that zone. It's gotten to a point where I feel upset looking at myself sometimes - half of my stuff doesn't seem to fit!

Just a few weeks back, I went to Disney World for spring break. My mother swore that as soon as we got home we'd go on a diet - so it was fine if we pigged out there. And oh, I did. I mean, obviously calories were burned off when I was walking through the parks, but I ate a ton of whatever I wanted. 

Then we came home, and we didn't go on a diet.


Then it was time for Easter. Lots of candy, lots of fattening foods, no diet.


It became perfectly clear to me that my mother wasn't going to be doing anything in order to get the entire family on a diet. At that point, I decided that it was up to me to eat healthier and start exercising. I started out by doing random exercises for thirty minutes on my own while trying to eat better...but then I began using apps!

Now I have a workout app on my phone that counts burnt calories, no less, and another website which counts my overall calories. It's been very enlightening to see just how much I'm eating, how much I'm exercising, and how much I'm losing. It's only been about a week, and it seems to me that I have already lost four to six pounds.

Four to six pounds. That's insane. I'm not starving myself, but I managed to lose four to six pounds. It's because I've been eating healthier and have exercised a whole lot more. This is more than just a diet and an exercise program, this is a lifestyle change. If I can keep this going, then I thoroughly believe that come the next school year, I'll be a whole lot more comfortable in my own skin.

Being comfortable just makes life so much easier.

- Rain

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Actual Reactions

I have a thing for writing down reactions of mine. This often ends up with rather hilarious results...I started off with doing this while I watched certain TV shows. So far I've only done it for Doctor Who and a single episode of Hannibal, but it's freaking great to look back at it. Here are some actual highlights of what I've said (typed, actually).

Everyone needs to calm. Down. Now.. Please. Oh no. The submarine has hit rock bottom and the Doctor just slides on a pair of sunglasses.What? Why is there a Barbie doll? NOT THE SONIC NO TARDIS WHY WHAT? WHAAT? WHAT IS HAPPENING? DROWNING. DYING. Oh why is everyone is blue. Did the sonic drown? Oh no.

He is very excited about this particular Martian. Do not kill the Martian. Even if it breathes death. THIS IS SPARTA.

And Starbucks sponsors Doctor Who? That's weird. They do coffee. This is tea. ERGH.
Just brush the jacket off. That's right. THREATEN HIM BECAUSE YOU'RE SO THREATENING LOOKING. Clara wants her freedom.

Derr herr Cold War. Get it? Because it's an Ice Warrior and ice is cold! Right! Did he just say River? I highly doubt it but still. Funny feeling in my stomach. Ice Warrior is scary. She really looks like a chipmunk. IT'S ROSE! THE BARBIE IS ROSE.

Oh. Clara doesn't know about herself? Huh? CREEPER. CREEPER OLD MAN. Oh never mind. OHCRAPOHCRAP  GUNGUNGUN. NO. NO. EVIL. UGH. I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

And then there's the last part of the episode...Oh no the suit has magical abilities to destroy everything. It looked like Soviet was filming the Martian. SKALLDAC. WOAHHAHAHAH. Grand Martial. Like Martian. Go on Doctor. Go on and help the world.  I'm a TIME LORDDDDD. SONIC. SONIC. SONIC. SONIC. SONIC!!! SONIC I'M DYING JUST KILL ME JUST KILL ME NOW. RED SONIC DAMPERS RED SONIC DAMPERS WITH THE NOISE.  It's so creepy. Oh a blinking contest thing he's good at those! YEAH CLARA. YEAH! GUILTY BECAUSE OF THE DAUGHTER.
But how red sonic? How? How? Huh? IT'S THE ICE WARRIORS! YEAHHAHAHHA! MARTIAN TIME AND EPICNESS. It's the exact noise my sonic makes on the red setting. That snow is gorgeous for some reason. Why sonic still on? Go on Martian Ice Warrior. Go on. Save the world Doctor.
Show mercy! SING CLARA SING. WHAT? HUH? IT DID THINGS! Yeah. Awkward hug. That's right Clara. That is what we do. Where's the TARDIS? COMEBACK. COME BACKKKK. The ship is very exciting. Oh no Doctor you screwed things up! The TARDIS on fire. Nice. MATT SMITH YOUR FACE. Yeah. ZEEE END.

SOMETHING IS HAPPENING. Ah scary. She almost vomited.

Click click click sonic. HARP! This is very scary. Ah. Ah. Weeping Angel! No. That's beautiful music there. Warm. Cold. He's break dancing. Wuh, huh? Ghost-y ghost! Power chalk. I meant to say powder. AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAJAHJAH SCARY. Was that Summer Falls? She is coming. Knocking, loud, angry. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH SCARY. What is that? Oh this is insane and scary. She's a unicorn! Oh no. Never mind. Clara's hair is fab. This is lovely in 3D.

THAT IS VERY VERY SCARY. Oh Hilary Twikddjcid. That's what her name is. Cake, the cake is a lie. Oh they are so in total love. SHIP. It's really beautiful, really.

Help her! Please! Complete sentences. Run! Someone else is yelling what? Oh no. This is ahahahahaha. Live girl live! Echo echo echo. Do something. Use the sonic. AHAHAHAHA! Vice cracking. Takes off bowtie, why? Oh I see. Getting time. Ah. What. No! NO! Oh my god oh my god omg. Unhappy TARDIS.

Go TARDIS GO! Why does your voice sound different? It's Gollum! Run! Oh no that I'd terrifying TARDIS. DON'T DIE PSYCHIC THAT WASN'T MEANT TO BE CAPS.

Sexy is just sexy. What more can I say! Awesome rock music. Clara can't fly the TARDIS. She screwed everything up. You need River to fix it. But she's not coming is she. Phrased like a question asked like a statement. That came out wrong.

Red flashing light. Curiosity killed the Clara. Now she's lost. Good job then. She really is a chipmunk. Find the chipmunk. DARTH VADER.


Oh no the book! Egatkeykqfneyhwultjwyjwyhkrwjkwylekyejqrtjqhrqwrrnabqrsjekystjbfarahathatj! STOP NO STOP NO NO DTOP

I'm going to run out of battery and ahahahahahahahaha! What is going on? Gosh he is angry. Love how there's just evil monsters in the TARDIS but he had no clue. It's ROSE! But what are they, really? That's what I want to know. Now Clara's the one who isn't worried, of course. Oh going in almost circles. Not fun.

BLUE BLUE BLUE SONIC. EXPLAAAAAIN. Explain. Like please explain because I don't understand please.

"[The heart shaped balloon from Valentine's Day] is like my ship for Whouffle. It's rather flimsy, but it exists and that's all that matters." *I bat at the balloon.* "AND SOMETIMES I REALLY JUST WANT TO HIT IT."

They just killed him! Freak! Oh my gosh noo! This is very weird. That doctor dude is very weird. Don't like him much. I am kind of lost already. TARDIS blue door.

Oh Jenny are you crackers? That was wonderful right there.

Oh the mister is actually the monster. That's what it is. He's a demon and the old one is protecting herself with salt. Red lights and electronics and a staircase. Sounds like fun! Were all staircases back then spiral?

Clara's hair is problematic to my enjoyment of the episode.

A-seed. He's like their child that's kind of great. Good she's alive. She's awake too. And a freak. A drunk freak.

This must be Clara's music right here. It's adorable. Really adorable. Just like the chipmunk.

It's the Moon! Instagram it, Clara. Claaaara.

Ew. He just like ate the bug. No, but it looked like it. HDOQORCKZKQJIF IT GOT HIM! Bug bug bug bug. It's like the matrix: gieheeuehmysnyejud

I hate you. Really. That's what you say? Ah that guy is ah! This is scary. Clara is really getting into this role, haha! I love it. She's amazing. Clara is the boss. Porridge is awesome. He's the emperor isn't he? That's what it's going to be. 

This is scary. Nice! Slappage! That was wonderful. I'll explain later. It's a lose lose situation.


I screwed up. I screwed up. Is it the brothers again? No, it's not. Is it Eicer? Jo, probably !95. OH MY GISH IT's gallifreyans the first Doctor and cOara I can't type properly . I haven't clue what is going on. She's falling through Rome. Tom Baker! I like that outfit. Turn around! Stop xallinf$ terrible green screen.
She fell. That was odd. Oh look, really bad special effects. What just happened?

Jenny is just pretty great, river is flu
st there. Her face! Oh, something off is going on!
zags knows his name! I live hidd. He doesn't like nebdinfs...that makes me sad.

I think he just cussed. Look at her face! The poor people's. She goes after him to try and help. Trenzalore, Dorium.

Hang on! The TARDIS is not a happy camper. Now what? She shut down. The TARDIS. Clare's too much. Ed, that is a scary place. I don't like it much. Shared look. We fall. The Reichenvach Fall. Was that blue? It might have been. CLARA's scream.

River is just feeding things along, Zune said his wife he said his wife he said his wife. Try are there, I cat handle this.

My nurm is Darvid Tennant.

Fiver I'd a fresking boss,z if he kisses her and River is watching. I will feel very sad. Peace us in there? Pain everlasting. That is terrible. But we must continue on. R ethics just had such dad faced in, cons in, Dicgor. The FADDIS S DEAD. The poor poor TARDIS. It my god.

Help him! paradoxes galore! Someone, help, fix it! Oh my gosh. No, no no! It will burn you up. Confetti. That's adorable. Stop FYI stop stop stop bO no no no bonobo bono that was supposed to be no! No!

The big bad wolf. The wulff. Come on. River is appearing to him now. Clara is awesome. Which is why she survives. If the Doctor doesn't come back. He sees her. She@: not always
Or pdjcjsrojajrxkcjsjfjdkcidic
I can't even think right now...I can't even.
Oh my OTP. Oh my gosh. Does he love her? He loves her, he loves her he loves her... Ah, River River River.

River just died. River just died and I can't even think anymore

Take Ed home.. Bring her home.

Oh look. It's Hannibal's breakup outfit.

Food is sexy.
And so is Will - goodness.

Oh, poor Crawford.
Is Hannibal...hitting on Crawford?

Feeding on bodies, feed the mind...?

Seriously Hannibal. What are you wearing?!

You look like John with the tea and the jumper.
Just need some jam and bam. John Watson.

Raul! Hooray.
Chilton! Boo.

Now this is terrifying.
Will has issues.
Only took me two seasons.
In brighter news...he has great hair.

And Will is actually a genius.
Will Gragenius.
That antisocial beauty.

Cats and muscles.
Am I talking about the show, or the commercials?

Will, you've developed some sass.
Molly'll like that.

Look at that meat, though.
Is he making tacos?

I'm just waiting for all the shirtless guys.
Everyone knows that's the only reason I watch this show.
No, no. Kidding.
Or am I?

The heck are you doing, Hannibal?
That looks like a lot of alcohol.
Let's get drunk.

Don't touch me.
Looking fabulous as always, Hanni.
Well, well, well.
Suddenly I have a craving for biscuits.

Oh, his secret admirer.
So this is love...
"I don't want a fan..."
"He's a creeper."
The true thoughts of Will.

Sounds like water.
Sounds like the pool scene.
Sounds like hella sexy.
Okay, that's just disturbing.

Oh goodness.
He's like a freaking swan.
With muscles.
Only a little bit of drool, you know.
Damn, you are ripped.

Looks like a runny nose.
And now a bloody nose.

This looks vaguely like, er...Sherlock.
The pool scene.

Run, Alana!
Will senses a disturbance in the Force.
He is such a cannibal!

Yes, indeed. That's all legitimate things that I reacted to live...and yes, I know there is a lack of context for much of it. 



Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Curse of Writing Fanfiction

People don't normally tell you that there's a curse to writing fanfiction. It happens to all writers, but it tends to be worse when you write fanfiction on a regular basis. You see, you can make fanfiction off of just about anything. Once you've trained your mind to get writing ideas, they seem to come from everywhere. Everywhere.

For example, I've been trying to work out what fanfictions I'll be writing later this year. I'm planning two different sequel fanfictions to continue some of the ideas I've already had. Which two? Well, I'm not telling you. What I will tell you is that you could probably find both of them on Polyvore. (I tend to give away major plot points on Polyvore very casually. Just FYI.)

But everything I watch seemed to have some sort of way for me to make fanfiction out of it. I've been watching more and more musicals and shows lately - including Star Trek. Here's where we're going to go into story mode...

The thing about Star Trek is that I had only seen three movies - Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, the new Star Trek movie, and Star Trek: Into Darkness. I could hardly use that as grounds to call myself a part of fandom.

Still, from what little knowledge I had, I wanted to make a fanfiction. I cultivated ideas within me like bacteria - one idea split into another, and another, and another. Soon I had a solid story idea. But since I didn't consider myself a part of the fandom, I forced myself to do nothing about it.  The idea had all but faded away...

And then I started watching the original story. All those ideas came flooding back, but with a canon character being featured as an MC. Whether or not I plan to bring it back up again is another story, but it certainly isn't impossible.

I've had ideas and longings to write fanfiction for all sorts of things - Lord of the Rings, Les Miserables, and Legend of Zelda, just to name a few. (No clue why they all begin with L.) Many of them I have ideas for - one of which I have completely plotted out, with several thousand words written! But since I have so many fanfictions I plan for, they end up being pushed aside.

If I tried, I could probably write a fanfiction for every single show and book and movie and musical that I've ever enjoyed. But I'm not going to. Instead, I'm going to stick to what I know I can pull off.

My two big fanfictions at the moment will be done soon. I think I'm going to be focusing on my Greaser!lock fanfiction from that point forwards...and I'm announcing here that it's not going to be on Wattpad. In order to gain a wider audience - as well as hopefully find more people interested in the story - it'll be posted on Archive Of Our Own, also known as AO3.

Don't worry, everyone can still read it and leave "kudos" for me from there. But since it's far more specific than many of my stories and I want my Wattpad stories to focus on my more serious escapades (she says while she has "The TARDIS Cabaret" buried underneath everything), I'm going to be putting it on AO3.

I will leave you with this:
Totally Greaser!lock.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Losing It

I just wanted to share this, because I feel like I belong inside of this song. That's all. Sorry if you were expecting something was I.


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Melancholy and Loving It

Haven't posted on here in forever...but I'm going to. I swear. I've just been so busy.

That's not the important thing here. Things in my life have been rather dreary lately...which I will be getting more in depth in some other day.

Right now I'd much rather share with you a piece of me. That would have to be music, really. I am made of music.

I just made a mix on 8tracks with some of my favorite melancholy songs. I hesitate to say's Why don't you listen for yourself and decide?

(Sorry this is so short. I'm tired and filled with so many emotions that I just can't.)


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Inspiration Like An Icy Blast

That's right. Project Arendelle is taking off. Kind of. As in...I got something done. A test, you could call it. I'm not 100% in love with the results, but it's definitely been extremely helpful.

Let me start you at the beginning of the story. I was working really hard to figure out which fabric would be best to make Elsa's cape/train/pretty flowy thing. You know, the thing pictured below.

After a lot of thinking (and a good bit of research to see how the fabric draped) I decided to use tulle as my fabric in this scenario. It had the transparency and the correct weight needed to have it flow properly...and I asusumed it could hold on glitter pretty well in order to make all of those lovely snowflakes. 

Then I realized I had a ton of tulle left over from a project about a year ago. I could make myself a mock-up of the cape thing and test it all out.

Here is me with that very tulle sitting on top of my head. I was going to cut it out into several pieces and use my beautiful new sewing machine to sew it together, but I found that cutting it in one large place actually worked out just fine for me. 

I then made a rolled hem on the top part of the cape in order to help me differentiate it from the bottom (trust me, it can get confusing very easily!). Then I decided to begin making a snowflake pattern on it. 

My method of choice was to paint on Mod Podge in the shape of a snowflake and then sprinkle glitter on top. I made a paper snowflake out of tissue paper to use as a guide, putting it under a layer of plastic so that it wouldn't gut stuck on the tulle.

That's me painting on the Mod Podge in the shape. If you look, you can see the pink-red color of the tissue paper underneath. This was probably the easiest part of it all...I guess. Weird.

Once I had painted on all of the Mod Podge, I began to sprinkle glitter on top of it. I dumped a whole bunch straight from the shaker and then shook off the excess. Then I took that excess and sprinkled that on by hand. Let's just say that I kind of got glitter everywhere...especially my palms.

I'm too lazy to get up and take a picture of the results-but it's not all that special. The shape didn't turn out as well as I had been hoping, and the dried Mod Podge seems to have hardened into an almost plastic-like substance. It makes the fabric stiff and it peels off easily, taking the glitter with it. It would have to stay pretty undisturbed in order to stay on.

But that means I've learned. Either I'm going to water down the Mod Podge, or I'm going to use this thing called Fabri-Tac which apparently works like a charm. Lovely, yes?


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Study In Second Person

In the morning, it takes a few moments for the morning mist to clear away from your eyes. Grabbing your phone from off of its stand, you check the time. The sudden brightness from the screen makes your eyes water, but you can still make out the digits. It's 5:48 AM, just in time for you to start getting ready for school today.
It's an exam day, which seems so strange. The school year is only halfway done, after all. It's this dumb block schedule thing that your school has put into place. As you ponder the cruelty of how the system works, you get yourself ready. After primping yourself one last time in the mirror, you head downstairs and devour your breakfast.
You hop into the car, having your mother drive to the high school as you sit there with a pout on your lips. It's still pitch black outside, but you have to go to school and take two enormous tests anyways. At least you're going to have the rest of the week off after today. You let out a great sigh when you see how long the carpool line is.
It seems like your mother is going to get you into a car accident as she pulls into the line. There's just too many people who go to your school. Too many loud, annoying, and dumb people. Even if half the school could drive themselves, the other half has managed to pack itself into this very carpool line.
Ten minutes later, which you think is absolutely ludicrious, you finally end up being dropped off. You walk inside the school to be greeted with the chatter of those who have arrived before you. As you go to meet your friends in your typical spot, you find that some random girls have already taken it. Although you roll your eyes, you say nothing. Your friend is just a few seats away, anyways.
Somehow you manage to pass the time away in the blink of an eye, and the first bell of the day is now ringing in your ear. Today you have to head to your third period first to take that exam. Three hours inside of your eighty person choir. One might think that more people would mean a better sound, but you know better.
Luckily enough, you know music pretty well. The only thing you're really worried about is the whole song interpretation part of the exam. You were given a piece of music: River In Judea. Your task was to make a creative interpretation. In your hands is a poem that you threw together in ten minutes. It's not your best work, but you think it'll be enough. At least, you hope it will be.
The class directs you to go into the auditorium. With so many people in the class, it would be impossible to take it properly inside of the chorus room. There is a seat between every other person, so you immediately find one of your friends and sit as close to them as possible. It seems to take half of eternity, but you soon have a pencil in your hand and a scantron in front of you.
You find the test is actually a lot easier than you had been expecting. You didn't study anything, but everything still seemed to make sense to you. It seems like you're nearly guaranteed to get a B at the very least on this, which sounds pretty good to you.
However, not everyone in the class is as musically gifted as you. Even though seventy six people are done, four people are still working on their tests so you have to sit there quietly. You don't know what you're going to do until they finish. It ends up taking the rest of the time for you to attempt to figure out something to do.
Now everyone is done. All the materials are collected, and the more "fun" part of this exam begins. The chorus teacher begins to have some of the people in the class present their projects for the interpretations. You're fairly sure that your poem is going to stay safely rooted on the stage. You weren't trying to be Shakespeare, after all.
One of the boys made a model river with music notes above it. His explanation only makes his project better, and now you really start to worry that your poem isn't quite enough to get you a good grade. But then you remind yourself that it's not the only thing that counts towards the final grade. This is going to end up just fine, you aced the multiple choice portion.
Then your chorus teacher calls out to one of the students. "Rebecca, do you mind if I read your story?"
"It's fine," the girl responds. She tends to be soft spoken, but she knows better than to mumble when talking to this teacher. You, along with everyone else in chorus, turn around to face her. Her face is starting to flush as her lips curves up in a wobbly smile. The teacher sends her a smile, and begins to read.
"A River's Serenade," she begins. Your teacher reads the entire story out loud as if it were a children's storybook, putting her acting experience into it. The author rests her eyes on a spot above the teacher's head, refusing to meet anyone's gaze. She looks only slightly uncomfortable, a sense of pride coming into her.
Soon the story is over, and everyone applauds for it. You're fairly sure she's the only one who did a story for this project. Most other people did paintings or poems, like you. The teacher continues to show off some of the other interpretations of River in Judea. Your poem stays on the stage, unmoved just as you had expected.
Finally, this testing period ends. You rush to lunch and claim your normal seat back from the girls from the morning. You and your friends have surprisingly deep conversations-who says that teenagers can't think for themselves? It must have something to do with the stress from testing, you believe. All of you have one more exam for the day, and then the week is over.
The next bell rings, and your rush to your fourth period. Just another three hours, another test, and you will be free. Imagine that. You can go home and sleep. Or, rather, stay up until midnight at the earliest and then hopefully not wake up before noon. You'll be doing all of that on a Wednesday. You haven't done that since, well, Christmas Break.
This is the thought that brings you through the entire exam. You finish early and rest your head against the desk, feeling jealous of those who brought a pillow. Since you were never allowed to do that in middle school, you never even tried it in high school.
Even though it seems like an era has passed in the span of an hour, the bell finally rings and you're set free from the bounds of school and exams. You go to the stairwell and begin charging down when you spot someone. It's the girl from chorus, the one who wrote that story the teacher read out to the entire class.
You don't know her, but it feels like somehow you do. You figure that she just has one of those faces. There's nothing wrong with her looks-she's of average height and build, wears a good amount of makeup, dresses well-but there's nothing extraordinary about her. Still, you find yourself searching for more information about her.
As you peer closer to her, you can see that her cardigan is rather pilfery. Evidently she doesn't like this, as she continues to pick at it. It's a nice sweater regardless of it, but she can't help herself. Cradled in her hand is a book. Her fingers repeatedly drum across it, playing a rolling rhythm. You assume that she must be a good musician, when you realize that you have heard her sing before. Of course she's a good musician.
You're afraid that you're going to loose sight of her as you continue going down the stairs. But this isn't the case-she's heading towards the buses, same as you are. You realize with a start that she rides on the same bus as you. Sometimes she just doesn't go on it, though. This makes you feel a bit dull, but you shake it off anyways.
You both reach the bus at approximately the same time. You decide to sit as close to her as possible without seeming strange. The seat across from her is empty, so you quickly claim it and try to watch her out of the corner of your eye.
She keeps on wrinkling up her nose like she's some sort of cute fluffy animal. You could swear that you've seen one of your friend's hedgehogs make that exact face. Her face starts to pale a little as if she's going to be sick, and you know why-this bus literally stinks. You've never been able to put your finger on the odor, but it consumes all of the air and burns your mouth.
It's only a five minute bus ride, but you still think that's ample time to get poisoned by this horrible odor. You're sure a dead body wouldn't smell as horrible as this. People get used to the smell of dead bodies. You've gone through an entire semester and it still stinks as much as the first day.
Trying to distract yourself from the odor, you turn your attention back to the girl. She's turned her gaze out to the window, her eyes darting around to try to catch every detail. She still has that book, her fingers still drumming away. Both of you want to get out of this bus as soon as possible.
Her posture starts to slouch over, as if she's trying to roll into herself. She seems to realize this and correct herself, letting out a great sigh. She now takes her time to tug at her shirt and jeans. Her hands fly up to adjust her scarf and down to fix her shoes. Even though no one is looking, she still feels the need to fix her appearance.
Soon you arrive at your bus stop. The moment the bus comes to a stop, she's grabbed her backpack and slung it over her shoulder. You follow her off, seeing the tangles and flyaways in her hair. Your eyes glance down to her wrist, which has a hairtie that is just the slightest bit too small and is pushing into her skin.
You both start walking down the street, trying to avoid the puddles from the rain from last night. She starts to gaze at the world around her, the faintest hint of a smile on her slightly chapped lips. When her eyes fall on something and begin to stick, you become intrigued to find out what has taken her attention.
Perched on the barren branches of a tree are small droplets of water. They are breathtakingly beautiful, and yet you had never noticed them before. The sunlight refracts and shines everywhere as if the raindrops were lights instead of orbs of water.
As lovely as you find it, she must find it far more interesting. Although it's subtle, the reverence in her eyes for this is a deep one. She moves her gaze to a puddle along the side of the street with the same gleam in her eyes. It's a dirty, mud filled puddle-and yet she looks at it as if it were one of the most beautiful thing she's ever seen!
You just don't understand it. The droplets on the tree made sense to you, but this just seems bizarre. You sigh and shake your head, causing her to flinch slightly. She heard you, and she reacted. You try to be as quiet as possible as you continue walking.
You continue to follow her, but then she takes a left down another street. You have to keep walking straight in order to get home. Following her home would just make you a stalker-you're not that interested in her, after all. You're probably going to forget her tomorrow.
But as you continue walking away, you glance back towards her as she walks along in silence. Her "real" name comes back to you from earlier in chorus that day. But you push it aside in your mind, knowing that she has a name that fits her better.
She is Rain.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Introducing Project Arendelle

Don't know what Arendelle is? Well, someone hasn't been out to go see Frozen yet. Shame on you. (Unless, of course, you cannot go see it for some reason...)

If you don't know the details on Frozen, then I'll just run over them quickly.
Frozen is the story of two princesses, Anna and Elsa. Elsa is becoming the queen of Arendelle, but she has ice powers that she has difficulty controlling. In a moment of weakness, she accidentally releases it on her kingdom. She ends up making it all, well, frozen. And there you, that's the movie in a nutshell.
(But really it's so much better than that, so go see it.)

One of the best parts of Frozen is the visual appeal. The animation can be nothing short of breathtaking here at times. The time that sticks out most to me is when Elsa changes into a dress that looks to be made of the delicate ice and snow around her. I fell in love with that dress faster than you could say "let it go."
I just made a joke. You should be laughing.

Well, my little sister has been obsessed with this movie for months on end. She's gotten herself transfixed on Anna. After the movie, we made a decision-we were going to dress up as Elsa and Anna for Halloween 2014. Or something like that. She would be wearing Anna's outfit from most of the movie, of course.
Of course, we're adult sizes now. Pretty much. You can't exactly get a costume for that. We have to make those costumes. It's going to be quite an ordeal, I can tell you that much.

That, my friends, is Project Arendelle. My little sister and I will be dressing ourselves up as the characters from Frozen. These are going to be made from scratch. I'm really going to be trying myself with this whole project, but oh well.

I've already decided on a sewing pattern, started thinking about fabric and glitter, and more. I've tried to work out the more difficult aspects of Elsa's dress (the whole sewing on several thousand sequins to the bodice has been fixed, I've found a much better idea for me). Of course, I'm also going to need a wig and more.

I'm going to need a whole lot of money and help.

But today I feel like I can say Project Arendelle has officially begun. You see, I recieved a new sewing machine for Christmas. I had been using one from my grandmother. It just didn't work, which was a shame. I couldn't figure half of it out, and the bobbin was a demon. I swear, no matter what I did it would not work.

With this new sewing machine, I don't even have to worry about the bobbin. You don't realize how amazing that is: the old one literally used to break down every three stitches because of bobbin problems. It's a wonder that I was able to get anything made on that thing. (In case you're wondering, I made a bunch of stuffed animals, the grand master of which was the Kikwi.)
I tested it out for the first time. It's sitting on my desk where my laptop would usually go. Oh well. So far, it's been working out brilliantly. I can't tell you just how pleased I am about that. There were no bobbin problems, the stitches seem to be working well, and all that jazz. I was trying it out on some tricky fabric too. I believe this is a good sign for the future.

Well, I have a twenty five dollar gift card to a fabric store. Looks like I'm going to have to use this wisely. I might have enough to buy the fabric for the cape. That's all. But, you know, the cape really does make the outfit.

Still, I sometimes think that I'm making a horrible mistake by deciding to make Elsa's dress. I mean, I don't even have a dressform. I'm going to have to make one, which is sort of a terrifying prospect. That means I have to measure myself. Ugh.

And then I still have to think about the Anna costume for my little sister. She's going to be working on her own, mind you-she learned to use a sewing machine at the same as I did, she can do this herself as well. But I do want her to be involved in this.

Hopefully next time I post something about this I'll have something-the sewing pattern, some fabric, a jar of glitter. Who knows? This is going to be an interesting ride.