Saturday, March 29, 2014

Actual Reactions

I have a thing for writing down reactions of mine. This often ends up with rather hilarious results...I started off with doing this while I watched certain TV shows. So far I've only done it for Doctor Who and a single episode of Hannibal, but it's freaking great to look back at it. Here are some actual highlights of what I've said (typed, actually).

Everyone needs to calm. Down. Now.. Please. Oh no. The submarine has hit rock bottom and the Doctor just slides on a pair of sunglasses.What? Why is there a Barbie doll? NOT THE SONIC NO TARDIS WHY WHAT? WHAAT? WHAT IS HAPPENING? DROWNING. DYING. Oh why is everyone is blue. Did the sonic drown? Oh no.

He is very excited about this particular Martian. Do not kill the Martian. Even if it breathes death. THIS IS SPARTA.

And Starbucks sponsors Doctor Who? That's weird. They do coffee. This is tea. ERGH.
Just brush the jacket off. That's right. THREATEN HIM BECAUSE YOU'RE SO THREATENING LOOKING. Clara wants her freedom.

Derr herr Cold War. Get it? Because it's an Ice Warrior and ice is cold! Right! Did he just say River? I highly doubt it but still. Funny feeling in my stomach. Ice Warrior is scary. She really looks like a chipmunk. IT'S ROSE! THE BARBIE IS ROSE.

Oh. Clara doesn't know about herself? Huh? CREEPER. CREEPER OLD MAN. Oh never mind. OHCRAPOHCRAP  GUNGUNGUN. NO. NO. EVIL. UGH. I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

And then there's the last part of the episode...Oh no the suit has magical abilities to destroy everything. It looked like Soviet was filming the Martian. SKALLDAC. WOAHHAHAHAH. Grand Martial. Like Martian. Go on Doctor. Go on and help the world.  I'm a TIME LORDDDDD. SONIC. SONIC. SONIC. SONIC. SONIC!!! SONIC I'M DYING JUST KILL ME JUST KILL ME NOW. RED SONIC DAMPERS RED SONIC DAMPERS WITH THE NOISE.  It's so creepy. Oh a blinking contest thing he's good at those! YEAH CLARA. YEAH! GUILTY BECAUSE OF THE DAUGHTER.
But how red sonic? How? How? Huh? IT'S THE ICE WARRIORS! YEAHHAHAHHA! MARTIAN TIME AND EPICNESS. It's the exact noise my sonic makes on the red setting. That snow is gorgeous for some reason. Why sonic still on? Go on Martian Ice Warrior. Go on. Save the world Doctor.
Show mercy! SING CLARA SING. WHAT? HUH? IT DID THINGS! Yeah. Awkward hug. That's right Clara. That is what we do. Where's the TARDIS? COMEBACK. COME BACKKKK. The ship is very exciting. Oh no Doctor you screwed things up! The TARDIS on fire. Nice. MATT SMITH YOUR FACE. Yeah. ZEEE END.

SOMETHING IS HAPPENING. Ah scary. She almost vomited.

Click click click sonic. HARP! This is very scary. Ah. Ah. Weeping Angel! No. That's beautiful music there. Warm. Cold. He's break dancing. Wuh, huh? Ghost-y ghost! Power chalk. I meant to say powder. AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAJAHJAH SCARY. Was that Summer Falls? She is coming. Knocking, loud, angry. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH SCARY. What is that? Oh this is insane and scary. She's a unicorn! Oh no. Never mind. Clara's hair is fab. This is lovely in 3D.

THAT IS VERY VERY SCARY. Oh Hilary Twikddjcid. That's what her name is. Cake, the cake is a lie. Oh they are so in total love. SHIP. It's really beautiful, really.

Help her! Please! Complete sentences. Run! Someone else is yelling what? Oh no. This is ahahahahaha. Live girl live! Echo echo echo. Do something. Use the sonic. AHAHAHAHA! Vice cracking. Takes off bowtie, why? Oh I see. Getting time. Ah. What. No! NO! Oh my god oh my god omg. Unhappy TARDIS.

Go TARDIS GO! Why does your voice sound different? It's Gollum! Run! Oh no that I'd terrifying TARDIS. DON'T DIE PSYCHIC THAT WASN'T MEANT TO BE CAPS.

Sexy is just sexy. What more can I say! Awesome rock music. Clara can't fly the TARDIS. She screwed everything up. You need River to fix it. But she's not coming is she. Phrased like a question asked like a statement. That came out wrong.

Red flashing light. Curiosity killed the Clara. Now she's lost. Good job then. She really is a chipmunk. Find the chipmunk. DARTH VADER.


Oh no the book! Egatkeykqfneyhwultjwyjwyhkrwjkwylekyejqrtjqhrqwrrnabqrsjekystjbfarahathatj! STOP NO STOP NO NO DTOP

I'm going to run out of battery and ahahahahahahahaha! What is going on? Gosh he is angry. Love how there's just evil monsters in the TARDIS but he had no clue. It's ROSE! But what are they, really? That's what I want to know. Now Clara's the one who isn't worried, of course. Oh going in almost circles. Not fun.

BLUE BLUE BLUE SONIC. EXPLAAAAAIN. Explain. Like please explain because I don't understand please.

"[The heart shaped balloon from Valentine's Day] is like my ship for Whouffle. It's rather flimsy, but it exists and that's all that matters." *I bat at the balloon.* "AND SOMETIMES I REALLY JUST WANT TO HIT IT."

They just killed him! Freak! Oh my gosh noo! This is very weird. That doctor dude is very weird. Don't like him much. I am kind of lost already. TARDIS blue door.

Oh Jenny are you crackers? That was wonderful right there.

Oh the mister is actually the monster. That's what it is. He's a demon and the old one is protecting herself with salt. Red lights and electronics and a staircase. Sounds like fun! Were all staircases back then spiral?

Clara's hair is problematic to my enjoyment of the episode.

A-seed. He's like their child that's kind of great. Good she's alive. She's awake too. And a freak. A drunk freak.

This must be Clara's music right here. It's adorable. Really adorable. Just like the chipmunk.

It's the Moon! Instagram it, Clara. Claaaara.

Ew. He just like ate the bug. No, but it looked like it. HDOQORCKZKQJIF IT GOT HIM! Bug bug bug bug. It's like the matrix: gieheeuehmysnyejud

I hate you. Really. That's what you say? Ah that guy is ah! This is scary. Clara is really getting into this role, haha! I love it. She's amazing. Clara is the boss. Porridge is awesome. He's the emperor isn't he? That's what it's going to be. 

This is scary. Nice! Slappage! That was wonderful. I'll explain later. It's a lose lose situation.


I screwed up. I screwed up. Is it the brothers again? No, it's not. Is it Eicer? Jo, probably !95. OH MY GISH IT's gallifreyans the first Doctor and cOara I can't type properly . I haven't clue what is going on. She's falling through Rome. Tom Baker! I like that outfit. Turn around! Stop xallinf$ terrible green screen.
She fell. That was odd. Oh look, really bad special effects. What just happened?

Jenny is just pretty great, river is flu
st there. Her face! Oh, something off is going on!
zags knows his name! I live hidd. He doesn't like nebdinfs...that makes me sad.

I think he just cussed. Look at her face! The poor people's. She goes after him to try and help. Trenzalore, Dorium.

Hang on! The TARDIS is not a happy camper. Now what? She shut down. The TARDIS. Clare's too much. Ed, that is a scary place. I don't like it much. Shared look. We fall. The Reichenvach Fall. Was that blue? It might have been. CLARA's scream.

River is just feeding things along, Zune said his wife he said his wife he said his wife. Try are there, I cat handle this.

My nurm is Darvid Tennant.

Fiver I'd a fresking boss,z if he kisses her and River is watching. I will feel very sad. Peace us in there? Pain everlasting. That is terrible. But we must continue on. R ethics just had such dad faced in, cons in, Dicgor. The FADDIS S DEAD. The poor poor TARDIS. It my god.

Help him! paradoxes galore! Someone, help, fix it! Oh my gosh. No, no no! It will burn you up. Confetti. That's adorable. Stop FYI stop stop stop bO no no no bonobo bono that was supposed to be no! No!

The big bad wolf. The wulff. Come on. River is appearing to him now. Clara is awesome. Which is why she survives. If the Doctor doesn't come back. He sees her. She@: not always
Or pdjcjsrojajrxkcjsjfjdkcidic
I can't even think right now...I can't even.
Oh my OTP. Oh my gosh. Does he love her? He loves her, he loves her he loves her... Ah, River River River.

River just died. River just died and I can't even think anymore

Take Ed home.. Bring her home.

Oh look. It's Hannibal's breakup outfit.

Food is sexy.
And so is Will - goodness.

Oh, poor Crawford.
Is Hannibal...hitting on Crawford?

Feeding on bodies, feed the mind...?

Seriously Hannibal. What are you wearing?!

You look like John with the tea and the jumper.
Just need some jam and bam. John Watson.

Raul! Hooray.
Chilton! Boo.

Now this is terrifying.
Will has issues.
Only took me two seasons.
In brighter news...he has great hair.

And Will is actually a genius.
Will Gragenius.
That antisocial beauty.

Cats and muscles.
Am I talking about the show, or the commercials?

Will, you've developed some sass.
Molly'll like that.

Look at that meat, though.
Is he making tacos?

I'm just waiting for all the shirtless guys.
Everyone knows that's the only reason I watch this show.
No, no. Kidding.
Or am I?

The heck are you doing, Hannibal?
That looks like a lot of alcohol.
Let's get drunk.

Don't touch me.
Looking fabulous as always, Hanni.
Well, well, well.
Suddenly I have a craving for biscuits.

Oh, his secret admirer.
So this is love...
"I don't want a fan..."
"He's a creeper."
The true thoughts of Will.

Sounds like water.
Sounds like the pool scene.
Sounds like hella sexy.
Okay, that's just disturbing.

Oh goodness.
He's like a freaking swan.
With muscles.
Only a little bit of drool, you know.
Damn, you are ripped.

Looks like a runny nose.
And now a bloody nose.

This looks vaguely like, er...Sherlock.
The pool scene.

Run, Alana!
Will senses a disturbance in the Force.
He is such a cannibal!

Yes, indeed. That's all legitimate things that I reacted to live...and yes, I know there is a lack of context for much of it. 



Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Curse of Writing Fanfiction

People don't normally tell you that there's a curse to writing fanfiction. It happens to all writers, but it tends to be worse when you write fanfiction on a regular basis. You see, you can make fanfiction off of just about anything. Once you've trained your mind to get writing ideas, they seem to come from everywhere. Everywhere.

For example, I've been trying to work out what fanfictions I'll be writing later this year. I'm planning two different sequel fanfictions to continue some of the ideas I've already had. Which two? Well, I'm not telling you. What I will tell you is that you could probably find both of them on Polyvore. (I tend to give away major plot points on Polyvore very casually. Just FYI.)

But everything I watch seemed to have some sort of way for me to make fanfiction out of it. I've been watching more and more musicals and shows lately - including Star Trek. Here's where we're going to go into story mode...

The thing about Star Trek is that I had only seen three movies - Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, the new Star Trek movie, and Star Trek: Into Darkness. I could hardly use that as grounds to call myself a part of fandom.

Still, from what little knowledge I had, I wanted to make a fanfiction. I cultivated ideas within me like bacteria - one idea split into another, and another, and another. Soon I had a solid story idea. But since I didn't consider myself a part of the fandom, I forced myself to do nothing about it.  The idea had all but faded away...

And then I started watching the original story. All those ideas came flooding back, but with a canon character being featured as an MC. Whether or not I plan to bring it back up again is another story, but it certainly isn't impossible.

I've had ideas and longings to write fanfiction for all sorts of things - Lord of the Rings, Les Miserables, and Legend of Zelda, just to name a few. (No clue why they all begin with L.) Many of them I have ideas for - one of which I have completely plotted out, with several thousand words written! But since I have so many fanfictions I plan for, they end up being pushed aside.

If I tried, I could probably write a fanfiction for every single show and book and movie and musical that I've ever enjoyed. But I'm not going to. Instead, I'm going to stick to what I know I can pull off.

My two big fanfictions at the moment will be done soon. I think I'm going to be focusing on my Greaser!lock fanfiction from that point forwards...and I'm announcing here that it's not going to be on Wattpad. In order to gain a wider audience - as well as hopefully find more people interested in the story - it'll be posted on Archive Of Our Own, also known as AO3.

Don't worry, everyone can still read it and leave "kudos" for me from there. But since it's far more specific than many of my stories and I want my Wattpad stories to focus on my more serious escapades (she says while she has "The TARDIS Cabaret" buried underneath everything), I'm going to be putting it on AO3.

I will leave you with this:
Totally Greaser!lock.