Tuesday, June 24, 2014

No Context is the Best Context: Romance Edition

I always say no context is the best context - and that applies to a lot of things. So I decided to compile a bunch of things I've written over the past while and compile them together in a way that takes away the majority of the context. None of these have been posted...yet. All names and pronouns have been made gender neutral. There are always two lovers in each one, due to this being romance, and they will be known as Alex and Jordan. If there is a third character, then they'd be called Sydney.

I want to see if any of you can guess what some of these are from - or perhaps you might end up reading them in the near to distant future, but with context. But where's the fun in that?

"You sure have a funny way of expressing it, then," I replied.
"Come on. Alex, I was just saying."
"Yeah, yeah, it doesn't matter now." I checked my watch, frowning at the numbers. "Three minutes."
"Alex," Jordan began. "I want to make sure I've done this before we head in there, because I won't be able to stand it if we don't make it out."
Before I could even blink, I felt Jordan leap over to me and press xir lips up against mine.

 Xe looked up and met my eyes. I could see a glitter in xirs more unique than a fingerprint.

"Anyways, I thought you wanted to see Alex. I'm sure we'll be able to find xir within about ten minutes, especially if we put our minds to it." Jordan could do nothing but close xir eyes for a moment. If Sydney was correct, the moment xe had been desperate to have for years upon years of xir life was coming to xir soon.

They'd taken a chance by getting together to begin with - but it just seemed to make sense during the summer. Perhaps it was just the heat and humidity going straight to their heads, or perhaps it was something more. Jordan, in most ways, convinced xirself that the latter was the case. Xe'd never gotten any sort of confirmation of love from Alex, but xe could feel it.

"God, I really must be a narcissist."
"And why do you think that?" xe asked.
"People always said I was a narcissist, and I looked it up to see it meant being in love with yourself. But I hated myself for so long. But xir...xe's like me, but better. And..."
"I see."

You shouldn't look that attractive under the flourescent lights of hospitals. You just shouldn't. But someone xe managed to pull it off, and then some.

"I don't understand," Jordan replied, shaking xir head beneath Alex's hands. "If you wanted, you could have had so many people and gotten married to them. It would've been so easy for you."
"Love has never been easy for me, Jordan."
"Now you're the one who's missing the point," Jordan sighed. "You could've easily kissed me and left the moment you found out what I was like. You had so much time to break it all off, but you didn't."
"Let me see if I can explain it to you," Alex said. "Tell me about how you fell in love with me - the moment that it happened, if you can. It's a lot to ask for, I know."

"You're like a mutation, that one mutation that helps a creature and allows it to survive better. You're the mutation that causes evolution. You're not bad. You're just different."
"I know, I know," xe continued. "I've been studying for AP Bio recently, it's been on my mind. But the fact of the matter is, I love you. I love Sydney as well. I couldn't tell you which one I love more, or which one I've loved longer."

Let me know what you think...!

- Rain

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