Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Study in Drabbles

Have you heard of drabbles?

Well, I have. I'm still not 100% sure of what they are, but I have an idea. It seems like you're supposed to write something in 100 words. As someone who is used to writing lots and lots, I figured this would be an interesting challenge.

Here are several drabbles I have attempted. Exactly 100 words, each and every one of them (not including the title, of course). There's also a gif to go along with them, so...enjoy!

A Looming Shadow
Brook clung onto her father's leg as if it were the only thing keeping her safe. She kept on repeating about how the darkness was going to get her, how she was afraid. The only logical explanation, in the Doctor's opinion, was that there were Vashta Nerada scattered in the shadows of his daughter's home. But as he began to work on helping her through this, he came to a realization. The girl was afraid of the creatures who would one day end her life. The shadows were coming for her, just not in the way she had been anticipating.
(Oh yes, that's totally a gif of a terrified little girl. But her hair is perfect. And she's got that Song Sass.)
So the first one I wrote I already had an idea for. This had been floating around in my mind for a while, and I wanted to turn it into a full one-shot...but whatever. I could imagine Brook as a young girl being afraid of the dark. Then I realized that this fear could be from Vashta Nerada. Then I remembered how Brook died. And then it all came together. Beautiful. 

The Invisible Man
Sherlock flipped the pen around in his hand as the clacking of John's laptop interrupted the perfect silence of 221B. He glanced over to his flatmate, wondering what case he was typing up this time around. But as he stared, he couldn't find the words to speak up and ask. He just continued to stare and stare, wondering what was going on. This was so very unlike him. But John didn't seem to notice him in the slightest. He couldn't blame him. But Sherlock felt as if he were invisible. The one person he wanted to see him most couldn't.
(I know this isn't in 221B or blogging or anything but you know, it's got John just not paying attention.)
Oh look, Johnlock. Ish. It's not as Johnlock as most things I've seen, but I do think it has that. It's rather melancholy. I mean, think about it. John's just sitting tip-tapping away at his blog and Sherlock just stares. He doesn't get noticed for once in his life. He's used to being the center of attention as long as he wanted to be. 

Fate of the Galadhrim
The Elf girl felt the wind whistle past her ears as she stood in the middle of the forest. Sauron was threatening darkness for the entirety of Middle-earth, even for her beloved Lothlorien. But she knew that the light of her forest could never fully be extinguished. Lady Galadriel would never allow such a thing to happen. She had overheard the conversations of the Ring and its unfathomable power, and she had hope that those carrying it to Mordor could follow through. Nevertheless, there was a sliver of doubt in her heart. Valinor was waiting for her in the west.
I guess this is inspired by the Elf girl that I have a story planned out for. Alfirineth is her name. It's just a little moment where she tries to think about what might happen in the future for her and her people. It's pretty similar to what most Elves would have been going through during the events of Lord of the Rings, I believe. 

Calm Seas
Link was sleeping again. He was known for sleeping, and even more for not being able to wake up. But he was no longer in his bed back on Outset Island. No, he was sleeping on a boat. The King of Red Lions had provided him a place to lay his head. The gentle tossing of the waves lulled him to sleep now. At first it had made him feel sick, but now it was extremely comforting. Refreshed, Link was now fully prepared for another day of adventure. The Triforce was out there, and he was going to get it.
I honestly don't know where this one came from. But it is based off of Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, in case you're wondering about that. I could just imagine little Link laying down in his boat and closing his eyes just to rest. The ocean would cradle him and rock him along as he slept. Kind of really adorable. 

Alone in her palace of ice, Elsa turned to face the wall. She had abandoned Arendelle and her sister along with it. She had never felt more free in her entire life. Yet, at the same time, she felt she might have done wrong by leaving it all behind. She shook her head, allowing her nearly snow white braid fling over her shoulder. She had left it behind for a reason, and she no longer had anything to live up to. No, she was queen of the ice and snow. Nothing else had to matter as long as she stayed. 
Frozen is amazing. So I wrote about it. I think that I can pull this off. Like she pulls off her glove. Sorry. I'm just all for puns lately. I blame Chuggaaconroy. Check out the pun involved in the title as well. But in all seriousness, I think Elsa is just amazing. I can really relate to her on a personal level in so many ways. I decided to portray some of that.

Did you enjoy...?


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