Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Rain's New Year's Eve Dilemma

Look at me. All dolled up, and no one to see!
If only I had someone to share a midnight kiss with...
Wait, what's this? A snow demon coming to make a deal with me? Shall I get the salt?
No! I'm here to give you a gift for New Year's-no souls needed. You can choose from any of your four favorite guys to share a kiss with. 

But who to choose?

Orlando Bloom, the love of my seventh grade life?
Or Ramin Karimloo, whose voice I married?
Maybe Chuggaaconroy, with his sense of humor and genuinity?
Or maybe Benedict Cumberbatch...why not?
Oh no! Time is running out!

Wait, I know! All of them at once!

Happy 2014!
I'm officially insane!
(In case you're wondering...Benny on the screen, the Pikmin represents Chuggaa, Link is our Legolas, and I'm listening to Ramin.)

But regardless, Happy New Year! This is dedicated to my boyfriend, despite him not being involved in this...no, I just snapchatted him pictures of the process. I worked for a long time on this. So enjoy it.



  1. Rain, this was just amazing. Wasn't expecting all three when you posted on Wattpad, but it was quite worth the wait and a fun way to end my year!

    ~ Moffate.

  2. Replies
    1. Like I said. I was actually insane.