Sunday, December 15, 2013

Let's Get Creative!

So recently I haven't posted much of anything on this blog. Apologize about that. I have a really big and complicated post coming up that just hasn't been finished yet. That, and every time I go online I always seem to have ideas for random photo edits. Creativity is a strange friend. So here's what I've made recently...

I made this for a Supernatural oneshot I was writing. Since the angel girl was going to have clipped wings, I was considering making that the theme and title-Clipped Wings.  The artwork for her wings is an illustration of a bird's clipped wings. Eventually I scrapped this overall idea but the picture remains...not too bad. My clipping skills of her were pretty good.

And thus the fun with layer masks begins. I found this screencap and just started fiddling around. I made it so that while the rest of the world faded away into blurriness, my OTP was crystal clear. The picture was already so pretty that it wasn't that much of a deal to make it look good. Then I added in some lyrics-"I would sail across the world for just the color of your eyes." From the Light in the Piazza. Yep.

As the fun with layer masks continued, I taught myself how to make text out of photos. No tutorials or help, I figured out this technique all by myself. Golly gee, it is actually extremely easy. I'm surprised I didn't figure it out sooner. And yes, that is River underwater. And yes, I know she didn't say those lines there. And yes, that is a PNG. Any more questions?

Here's the most recent one...and it looks like a book cover. And it is kind of book cover. No reason for that. Ahem. But this one features layer masks as well. The hat tilt shift effect? Layer masks. That was so simple to do and yet so effective. A nice yellowish layer over everything. And then the name "I.M. Foreman" is made out of regenerative energy. Not ltierally, of course. But I did layer mask the Eccelston-Tennant regeneration to create that.

So, erm...I have so many ideas for a certain character and his wife. And I don't know what to do with them. This is why we should all agree to never be creative again.
-Rain/Pluvio/Broadway/Boardway/Perfect/Imperfect/Predictable/Author/I'm making half of these up myself

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