Friday, November 29, 2013

Confessions of a Pluviophile

As many of my Internet friends know, I have a word that I really like now. I would say it's my favorite word, but it's not. It's too hipster for me. Yes, that is a thing in my mind.

But that word is pluviophile. It means, in essence, someone who loves the rain.

I would think that someone who calls themselves Rain on the Internet would fall under this. *ahem*

I've been thinking a lot about pluviophilia lately, and I had this idea. I've always wanted to a rant book on Wattpad, so I made a cover for it.

Yes indeed, Confessions of a Pluviophile.

But then I realized that I didn't need a rant book. I have a blog, for crying out loud!

From now on, you will be seeing any rants that would have been going in the Confessions of a Pluviophile book coming on here. I hope you don't mind!



  1. Nice, Pluvio.
    I think I shall call you that now. Pluvio. Yes, I like that.

    1. Pluvio is a pretty nice word, yes?

    2. yes, i'd say so. Latin for Shower, however

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