Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The NaNo Diaries: Handwritten Notes

November 5, 2013

You know when you think everything is starting to get into a groove but then you realize that it really isn't? And for once, it has nothing to do with you? Well, that's how I've felt lately. It's like NaNoWriMo and all other Internet things have to be weaved into my day rather than being there when I want to do them. I'm just so darn busy all of the time!

But at the very least, I've been able to stay caught up on my novel. I mean, I was never planning to finish the whole thing in a week, and I'm already far ahead of where I was in previous years. Granted, I did mess up significantly in previous years...but who cares?

Anyways, I spend a lot of time at school simply writing stuff down with my hands. I write in cursive, first of all, which is kind of nice because it means picking up the pencil less often and making that horrid noise. But at the same time, the pencil smears all over my hand-I'm left handed!

When I pile on an extra thing for me to do (in this case, writing a full front and back page for NaNoWriMo) I end up with a black splotch on the side of my hand. It is not pretty at all.

But at least it signifies I've achieved something. If anything makes me feel happy, it's knowing that I won't have to write 2000 words as soon as I get home on top of homework and all sorts of other things.

In terms of this story for NaNoWriMo, I've been very happy with my progress. It's been very smooth and easy to write for the most part. The best thing is, I have ideas. I have ideas to cause my characters pain. I have ideas to make them happy. I have ideas to add in new characters and weave in new plots. That's what gets me through the words each day.


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